Kang Ha Neul Has Mixed Feelings about “Misaeng” Season 2

Actor Kang Ha Neul revealed his thoughts about his involvement with a possible second season for tvN’s “Misaeng” in an interview with Star News.

“Of course I do have thoughts about coming back to do a second season,” said Kang Ha Neul. “However, my ironclad principle is never to do a production that I’ve done before.”

He went on to explain, “If I play the same character twice and I don’t improve the second time, I would have a really hard time with that. That’s why I try to finish each project with no regrets. In the case of the first season of ‘Misaeng,’ I worked really hard to create the character of Jang Baek Ki. For a second season, however, I feel I would have to show more than just creation of the character. If I fail to do that, I wouldn’t be able to handle the shame.”

But, the actor seemed to have ambiguous feelings about coming back: “It would be kind of weird to see someone else play my character in a second season of ‘Misaeng.’ The right way to return the viewers’ attention and love is if I return to the role in the next season.”

The season finale of “Misaeng” will air on December 20.

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