Lee Hwi Jae Has a Mental Breakdown from Seo Joon’s Doodles on “Superman Returns”

Lee Seo Joon showed off his drawing skills in the most adorable way possible in “Superman Returns.”

On the episode to be aired on December 21, Seo Joon will bring smiles to the audience with a show of his mischievous side.

In the preview, Lee Hwi Jae gives both Seo Eon and Seo Joon crayons to decorate a Christmas card. However, everything goes downhill from there. The mischievous Seo Joon finds this as the perfect opportunity to draw on the sofa and play around. When Lee Hwi Jae notices the sad sight of the ruined sofa, he cries in anguish saying, “No, Lee Seo Joon! This isn’t funy!”

Despite his dad’s despair, Lee Seo Joon’s devilish acts do not stop there. Lee Hwi Jae goes through a mental breakdown when he sees his son running around the house, leaving crayon marks wherever he goes.

Deciding that the best solution is to give an eye for an eye, Lee Hwi Jae captures Seo Joon and draws all over his face. From adding a goofy mole to villainous eyebrows, Lee Hwi Jae’s comical touches bring laughter to the audience. Though it seems as if Seo Joon is crying because of the doodles on his face, he quickly stands up and resumes drawing again as soon as his dad looks away.