After School’s Lizzy Joins Food Program “Tasty Road” as New MC

It has been announced that After School/Orange Caramel member Lizzy will be joining the food variety program “Tasty Road” as a new MC.

On December 19, Lizzy’s agency, Pledis Entertainment, revealed to OSEN, “Lizzy has been chosen as the MC alongside Park Soo Jin for season 7 of cable channel Olive‘s ‘Tasty Road,’ which will be broadcast next year. Lizzy normally enjoys eating food, so please look forward to it.”

Actress Kim Sung Eun, who has hosted with Park Soo Jin until now, will be making her leave from the show after recently wrapping up her final recording.

“Tasty Road” is a program that introduces restaurants to viewers and first began in 2010. Kim Sung Eun worked together with Park Soo Jin as MC for the show since season 3 in 2012, and now the actress will be passing on the baton to Lizzy.