After School’s Lizzy to Make Solo Debut as Trot Singer in Early 2015

After School/Orange Caramel’s Lizzy is currently gearing up for her very own solo debut as a Trot singer!

It has seen revealed that Lizzy is hard at work preparing for upcoming single, as she is aiming to make her solo debut at the beginning of next year. She is planning to showcase a brand new transformation that differs drastically from both her After School and Orange Caramel images.

On December 19, Pledis Entertainment told Newsen, “Lizzy will be making her solo debut with a bright, semi-Trot song ‘I’m Not an Easy Girl’ (working title). Lizzy has a lot of love for Trot. Please look forward to her cute side.”

Meanwhile, Lizzy’s upcoming schedules seem to be packed with promotions as a MC for “Tasty Road,” as well as being a part of Jung Hyung Don and Defconn’s new “Hitmaker” project girl group.

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