NELL Unveils “Green Nocturne” Studio Ver. MV

Rock band NELL released their “Greene Nocturne” studio version music video.

The video takes place inside their studio, as each member of the band plays their respective instruments in different parts of the studio. Lead vocal Kim Jong Wan sits on a stool as he plays the guitar and sings into the mic. Across from him is Jung Jae Won, the drummer, slowly keeping the rhythm, while Lee Jae Kyung softly picks away on the acoustic guitar.

The song has a sorrowful tune, and the vintage video lighting throws the viewer into a lane of past memories. The vintage feel of the video does well to help convey the meaning of the song, and Kim Jong Wan’s facial expression shows sincerity as he thinks of his past relationship with a girl. Overall, the mood is remorseful yet beautiful at the same time.

Watch the music video below!

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