HIGH4 Is Debuting in Japan Next Year and They’re Taking Promotions Seriously

Four-man group HIGH4 is planning to debut in Japan early next year.

HIGH4 will kickstart its debut with a massive showcase entitled “HIGH4’s Japan Debut: Let’s Meet 30,000 People!” (working title), which will be held on February 7, 2015. The group will then launch into promotional activities, which were prepared by Japanese entertainment agency Marble Entertainment. This will not be HIGH4’s first time in Japan, however. Earlier this year, they held a solo concert in Japan only two months after their debut.

The group is scheduled for a slew of promotional activities, including participation in the 13th annual “K-Pop Live Liveful!” which is hosted by Japan’s largest music distributor, Tower Records. HIGH4 is slated to perform fifty live shows over the course of two months.

Moreover, the JR Yamanote line Shin Okubo Station, which is right by Tokyo’s Korea Town, will be furnished with promotional materials. Not to mention, a 600 meter long banner of the HIGH4 members’ faces will hang along the streets.

HIGH4 is currently in the studio preparing hard not just for their Japanese debut but also their domestic comeback, which is scheduled for January.

Last April, HIGH4 swept music charts with their hit song “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms” featuring IU.