Kim Gura’s Agency Asks Media to Refrain from Speculative Reports Following Hospitalization

On December 20, Kim Gu Ra’s agency, Line Entertainment, recently released an official statement regarding the entertainer’s hospitalization on December 18 due to symptoms of panic disorder including chest pain, discomfort, and cold sweats.

The agency stated that on December 18, Kim Gu Ra was hospitalized according to the doctor’s orders that he rest, as his panic disorder symptoms had intensified due to insomnia and tinnitus. After receiving medicinal treatment, he has considerably recovered.

“The hospital suggested that he take further rest in a quiet and comfortable place, so he left the hospital today,” said Line Entertainment. “After information on Kim Gu Ra’s personal situation was released [due to the hospitalization], his family is having a hard time. We ask that media refrain from speculative reports. Thank you.”

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