“Infinity Challenge” Takes 90s Singers to Karaoke to Sing Old Hits

The December 20 episode of MBC’s “Infinity Challenge,” a prelude to the main “Saturday Saturday Is a Singer” special to be aired on December 27, was full of laughter and nostalgia, with the hosts meeting with legendary singers from the 90s to reminisce and invite them to their year-end show.

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The first group of old to make a reunion was the duo Turbo. Former Turbo member Kim Jung Nam shows up at a single phone call from Kim Jong Kook, and takes viewers down memory lane, showing that he still has his dance moves and more. He says, “For the first 10 years after I left Turbo I… had a lot of fun,” and revealed that now, he performs Turbo songs solo at events and clubs.

The “Infinity Challenge” hosts then take the duo to a karaoke room, where the Turbo members must sing their own songs and prove that they have what it takes; they must score 95 or higher on one of their own songs at the karaoke room to be able to do the year-end show for “Infinity Challenge.”

In an emotional moment, when asked how he feels about being with Kim Jong Kook again, Kim Jung Nam says “I thought that this would never happen. I believe that for me, and even Kim Jong Kook, our Turbo years were the best of our lives…”

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Also on the show were Jinusean, S.E.S, Jo Sung Mo, Lee Jung Hyun, and Kim Gun Mo, who went through similar “tests” with karaoke, which made for endless smiles and laughter.

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