IU Says She Sees Yoo In Na So Often, People Ask Her If They’re Dating

In the latest interview with “Weekly Entertainment,” IU revealed that she is best friends with actress Yoo In Na.

“We get along so well,” IU said on Yoo In Na, “In a week, we meet at least once. Sometimes we meet up eight or nine times a week. We meet so often, some people even ask us if we are dating.”

During the interview, she also named singer songwriter Jang Pil Soon as her role model. “I saw her for the first time this year. I was so nervous, my voice shook during the recording.” She also expressed gratitude for the acclaimed singer, adding, “She noticed that my voice was trembling, so she tried to help me by adding harmonies that weren’t initially planned, to hide my voice.”

IU has been recently chosen as the model for a popular soju brand in Korea.

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