“Three Meals a Day” Achieves Highest Ratings Yet, Most Watched Show in Its Time Slot since Premiere

tvN‘s variety show produced by PD Na Young Suk “Three Meals a Day” has achieved their best ratings yet.

“Three Meals a Day” pulled in the highest rating of 10.5% during its latest episode, which was aired on December 19. The average rating for the episode was 9.0%. “Three Meals a Day” has been the highest rated show during its time slot for 1o consecutive weeks since its premiere, a notable feat for a cable program.

Despite its simple concept, the countryside variety program has been gaining a lot of popularity. Critics are citing the show’s main star Lee Seo Jin for the show’s great performance, although some are saying that the goat Jackson is also adding to the show’s popularity, with his “love line” with Lee Seo Jin.

“Three Meals a Day” airs on tvN every Friday.

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