BTOB’s Yook Sungjae Succeeds in Putting on More Than 50 Layers of Clothing on “Real Men”

BTOB‘s Yook Sungjae took on the challenge of putting on as many layers of clothing as he could.

On December 22’s episode of MBC‘s military variety show “Real Men,” the boys will attempt to break records on “Challenge! Eagles Guinness Book,” which is unique to the unit that they are visiting. The fun events include “most roundhouse kicks,” “folding up a newspaper page as small as possible and standing on it,” and “putting on as many layers of clothing as you can.” In particular, Private Yook Sungjae has been reported to have done remarkably well on the challenge “putting on as many layers of clothing as you can.”

Yook Sungjae was able to put on so many layers of military shirts and sweaters that he could barely even stand under the weight by the end of it. He is expected to battle the previous record of 51 layers.

After putting on more than 50 layers of clothing, he was as large as the 120-kg Sam Hammington, and when the challenge was finished, it was just as difficult taking the clothes off as it was to put on. With Yook Sungjae’s unexpected good performance, even his seniors were impressed and showered him with love.

Meanwhile, UFC fighter Kim Dong Hyun took on the challenge of “most roundhouse kicks” along with a rival combatant soldier.