Haru’s Reaction to Santa Tablo on “Superman Returns” This Year…?

It appears that father-daughter duo Tablo and Haru will be having a reunion with Santa Claus once again this year!

The upcoming December 21 broadcast of KBS’ “Superman Returns” will show Haru and her dad, Tablo, enjoying a ‘Happy, Merry Christmas,’ as they spend 48 hours together.

Viewers have expressed that they are most looking forward to seeing Haru’s reunion and interaction with Santa Claus, since last year’s unexpected outcome. Anticipation for this episode is rising, as many are curious to know how the once-terrified Haru will react to Santa Tablo.

It is said that Haru, who has grown into a lovely young lady throughout the past year, has made a 180-degree turnaround. No longer frightened by Santa Claus’ outfit, Haru will be showing her very own transformation into a ‘Santa Girl.’