[VIDEO] JJCC and Cross Gene Duel on AS4U

On this week’s “A Song For You,” rookie groups JJCC and Cross Gene come together to go head-to-head to win… a delicious Korean dish called samgyetang! With MCs Yook Sungjae, Amber, and Kangin leading the missions, both groups had fun and showed off a variety of talents.

Here are our top 5 moments from episode 19!

1. All of the languages.

as4u-19-casper as4u-19-cross-gene-takuya as4u-19-jjcc-prince-mak

With Casper from Shanghai, Takuya from Japan, and Prince Mak from Australia (and Hong Kong) – this episode is definitely the most multi-national one yet!

2. This height difference.

as4u-19-prince-mak-takuya as4u-19-prince-mak-taller-maybe

Poor Prince Mak. He tried, he really did – Takuya is just very, very tall.

3. Making the international members work…


…. with a good ole game of charades! Do they know their K-pop?

4. Kangin’s public demise.

as4u-19-takuya-fail as4u-kangin-crying

Sooooomeone didn’t know Super Junior’s Mamacita…. like… at all….

5. The two-for-one concert!

as4u-jjcc-performance as4u-19-cross-gene-perf

Cross Gene performed “I’m Not A Boy, Not Yet A Man,” and JJCC brought “Be Good ” for us to enjoy!

Catch the whole episode, see who wins, and have all the laughs: