Vocal Group 8Eight Announces Decision to Temporarily Disband After 7 Years

It is being reported that three-member co-ed vocal group 8Eight has announced a temporary disbandment, seven years after debuting into the music industry.

On December 21, it was revealed that the three members of 8Eight—Lee Hyun, Joo Hee, and Baek Chan—have agreed on the decision to go their separate ways for their future music careers in the meantime.

A representative of Big Hit Entertainment explained, “Joo Hee and Baek Chan’s exclusive contract came to an end this past September. The remaining member Lee Hyun served in the military during promotions, so his contract period has been extended for that amount of time.”

According to the agency rep, Joo Hee and Baek Chan will not be renewing their contract with Big Hit Entertainment, and are currently in discussion to sign with other management agencies. However, the two singers have yet to decide on a new agency.

The rep continued, “We are no longer planning any more promotions for 8Eight. Due to the expiration of their contracts, [the group’s] activities have tentatively been suspended for now. The three members’ friendship will still continue, so if the opportunity arises, they will reunite.”

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