Kang Ji Young Talks About Her Long-Time Dream of Becoming an Actress

Ex-KARA member Kang Ji Young has confessed that becoming an actress had been a long-time dream of hers.

During a recent interview with Japanese magazine with, the idol, who is currently pursuing solo promotions in Japan, revealed, “Soon after KARA’s debut, I started thinking that in the future, I would like to become an actress that is even capable of action stunts.”

“Since last year, I have been taking boxing lessons, and I am preparing [for my acting career] step by step,” she added.

After her departure from KARA, Kang Ji Young announced her plans to study abroad in the United Kingdom. However, only a few months after settling in London, it was reported that she had signed an exclusive contract with Japanese agency Sweet Power. Regarding this, Kang Ji Young said, “I wanted to live in England at least once in my life. But one of my friend’s acquaintance knew the boss of my current agency,” explaining that the opportunity simply came her way.

Meanwhile, Kang Ji Young was cast for two NHK dramas earlier this year, successfully launching her acting career in Japan.