Filming of “Maids” Put on Hold Following Set Fire

The production team of JTBC’s “Maids” has made a new statement regarding the tragic set fire that killed one of its staffers, saying “the focus is not on resuming filming, but on sorting out the accident and carrying out funeral proceedings for the deceased.”

“It is not yet time to discuss resuming filming,” a representative of the show’s production said. “I think it is too early to even consider [resuming]. For the time being, we must focus on dealing with the aftermath of the accident and carrying out funeral proceedings.”

The fire occurred on the “Maids” set in Yeoncheon County on December 13 at around 1p.m. A staffer who was working on the interior of the set at the time the fire occurred was unable to escape and passed away as a result. Further filming of “Maids” has been put on hold until further notice.