Epik High’s Mithra Jin and Actress Kwon Da Hyun Go Public with Their Relationship

Epik High’s Mithra Jin recently revealed himself to be in a relationship with actress Kwon Da Hyun!

On December 22, Mithra Jin made an appearance at a public event alongside his girlfriend. The newly-revealed couple attended a VIP premiere of the new movie “How to Steal a Dog,” as they affectionately held hands in front of reporters and photographers at the photo wall.

Their emergence together before the press came as a surprise, as it has not previously been reported that they were dating, making it the first time that they decided to go public with the relationship.

While a source at the scene of the press premiere initially denied that they were a couple, Mithra Jin’s rep stated, “It is true that Mithra Jin and Kwon Da Hyun are in a loving relationship. The two of them met through the introduction of a mutual acquaintance. They have been dating for over a year. As it is their private life, it is difficult to know anything more in detail. We hope that you can support their beautiful love.”

Kwon Da Hyun’s agency also acknowledged their relationship, explaining, “The two of them are currently dating.”

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