Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Apologizes After Receiving Criticism for Mocking BEAST at 2014 MMA

Girl’s Day member Hyeri recently offered a message of apology through her personal Twitter account for appearing to have mocked BEAST during the 2014 Melon Music Awards, which took place on November 13.

After a video clip of Hyeri seeming to imitate Dongwoon of BEAST—as they were on stage to receive an award—began to spread through online communities, the Girl’s Day member received criticism for behavior toward her senior group.

Following the initial posting of the video, it started to gain more attention as many fans viewed her actions as being ill-mannered for mimicking Dongwoon after he said, “Hello, we are BEAST,” during the group’s acceptance speech. It has also been pointed out that when Dongwoon expressed, “We will work harder to become singers that gain even more popularity,” Hyeri appears to laugh as she turns to Sojin and mouths, “Popularity?”

On December 22, Hyeri took to her Twitter and sent a direct tweet to Dongwoon’s account, apologizing, “Sunbae-nim [senior], you know that I’m a big BEAST fan that even went to your concert, right…:-( [The incident] happened because I couldn’t contain my excitement for your award, but I apologize to those who were offended. I’m sorry. ㅜㅜ I will be more careful in the future, please understand me lovingly.” The tweet has since been deleted.
hyeriCheck out the video clip that caused the issue (begins at 4:40 and 4:55):

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