Mithra Jin’s Girlfriend Kwon Da Hyun Revealed to Have Previously Starred in BEAST’s MV

After Epik High’s Mithra Jin and his girlfriend, actress Kwon Da Hyun, went public with their relationship at a recent movie press premiere, the spotlight has been put on the actress.

In the midst of the couple’s dating reports, public interest in Kwon Da Hyun has been growing, which recently drew attention to her previous works.

One of these works that is currently receiving attention has been revealed to be a music video for BEAST’s second album title track, “Shadow,” in which the actress starred. Kwon Da Hyun emerges in the music video as a mysterious female figure and appears a number of times throughout the entire video.

While most were unaware of who the actress in the music video was at the time of its release, many people are now surprised to find that it turned out to be Mithra Jin’s girlfriend.

Do you remember the actress that appeared in the “Shadow” music video?