Lee Gook Joo Reveals Great Interest in Cosmetics

Comedienne Lee Gook Joo recently revealed her special interest in cosmetics.

In the new episode of the show “Get it Beauty,” airing at 11 p.m. on December 24, Lee Gook Joo and Heo Kyung Hwan are to talk about “holiday makeup.”

Lee Gook Joo and Heo Kyung Hwan show interest in the beauty tips while also cracking jokes and being their usual humorous selves, making the Better Girls and MCs laugh throughout the show.

Lee Gook Joo also reveals that she has been interested in makeup since high school and started wearing it since her freshman year. She confesses to even wearing fake eyelashes since her senior year, proving that she was an early expert in cosmetics.

The comedienne makes the whole studio burst out in laughter when she complains to Kim Ji Min, who recommended a makeup tactic on highlighting the under-eye skin, also known as the ‘aegyo-fat,’ by saying “Fat? I don’t need any more fat! I’m sick of fat now. If I can pull up fat from my body, I will have an enormous ‘aegyo-fat!’”

In this new episode, makeup artist Park Sun Mi is to give shocking transformations to the Better Girls. Introducing a trendy makeup style on the rise, better known as the “Han Ye Seul Makeup,” the show plans to catch the eyes of viewers who want a new look for the holiday season.

Lee Gook Joo on "Get It Beauty"

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