Park Jin Young Reveals That g.o.d’s Original Name Was GOT6

Park Jin Young revealed on “Roommate” that g.o.d‘s group name was originally supposed to be GOT6.

On the December 23 episode of SBS‘s “Roommate,” the members and Park Jin Young celebrated Christmas with a party. On this day, Baek Ji Young, who was invited by Lee Gook Joo, as well as Jo Se Ho‘s parents, also visited the share house.

As the party progressed, Park Jin Young shared an untold story about g.o.d, saying, “I was actually also one of g.o.d’s members in the beginning. Including me and the other five members, the group was supposed to be called GOT6.” He also explained that GOT7′s group name was inspired by the original group name, GOT6.

Meanwhile, on this episode, Park Jin Young invited Jackson’s parents from Hong Kong, giving Jackson the special gift of a heartwarming reunion with his family.