Song Il Gook to Donate All Proceeds from Sale of Triplets’ 2015 Calendar

After many viewers of “Superman Returns” requested a chance to purchase the triplets’ calendar created by their dad, actor Song Il Gook, it has been revealed that the 2015 calendar will be going on sale!

On a previous episode of “Superman Returns,” cameras showed Song Il Gook dressing up his three sons, Dae Han, Min Gook, and Man Se, for a calendar photo shoot. Following the broadcast, a large number of requests came in to be able to buy their calendar, leading to the decision to produce more for the public to purchase.

On December 23, a representative of the actor’s agency shared, “[Song Il Gook] was only planning to send the triplets’ calendar to close family and friends as a year-end greeting card. However, a lot of people showed their love, so the calendars have been made into desk calendars, and will be up for sale.”

The rep continued, “With a thankful heart for the love for the triplets, [the calendars] have been created for a good cause. All of the proceeds from the sale will be donated for social contribution.”

The calendars are currently up for pre-order from December 24-31 through an online shopping mall, and are scheduled to begin delivery on January 5.