Caught: “Valid Love” Episodes 7 and 8

After Kim Il Ri (Lee Si Young) has a minor breakdown in front of Kim Joon (Lee Soo Hyuk) and cries her heart out for the first time in front of someone else, their relationship takes off with flying colors. Il Ri starts sharing more things about herself that no one else knows, and she’s truly happy for the first time in many years.

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Joon is attractive, thoughtful, and actually really young and hopeless. Sometimes, he has no idea what he’s doing. Il Ri is always smiling and laughing because of him.

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Meanwhile, a mysterious character enters the scene. At first, this mysterious texter was just sending pictures of Il Ri to her husband, Jung Hee Tae (Uhm Tae Woong). And then, he gets this text.

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“I know what your wife did.”

Wow, the blood text really gets the message across. It seems more like she murdered someone rather than cheated on him though.

Soon after, Hee Tae gets more pictures of Il Ri. Except this time, Joon is clearly in the picture… pulling Il Ri into the store by the wrist. He’s angry at the texter and undoubtedly suspicious of the two, starting to put two and two together.

Valid Loe 7-8 7

As a desperate last measure to believe in his wife, Hee Tae calls Joon. Joon ignores the call and instead does this.

Valid Love 7-8 18

And this.

Valid Love 7-8 6

Still, Hee Tae gives his wife the benefit of the doubt. He decides to ask her directly that night. Before the day ends though, Hee Soo (Choi Yeo Jin) goes into critical condition and they meet at the hospital instead. Hee Tae is angry and suspicious once again because Il Ri should have been watching Hee Soo.

Valid Loe 7-8 15

Il Ri is confused, scared, sorry, and hurting. All the more reason to find comfort in someone completely unrelated to her family… even though she and her mother-in-law are on great terms now.

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But now, Hee Tae is hurting too. He starts following his wife. He even gives Joon a visit, confronting him about Il Ri. Joon admits to knowing her but lies about the extent of their relationship.

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It’s about time Hee Tae learns the truth because even the cafe owner – Il Ri’s high school classmate – knows about Il Ri and Joon. We also learn through this confrontation that Il Ri might be having problems getting pregnant.

Valid Love 7-8 13

Finally, while trying to track down the mysterious texter, Hee Tae takes heed to their advice and heads to the shop one night. Only to catch them red-handed.

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Caught. What’s Hee Tae’s next move?

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