GOT7’s Jackson Dedicates Heartfelt Post to His Mom Following “Roommate” Broadcast

GOT7’s Jackson recently expressed his sincere love for his mom through a heartfelt SNS post.

On December 24, Jackson posted a message on his personal Instagram account that reads, “Mom, I’m always, always thinking of you and I love you. Please take care of your health. I believe that if I work hard, everything will work out, so you really don’t have to worry about me too much! I love you mama. Merry Christmas!!!”

The GOT7 member also wrote the message in English: “I will always try and work to my fullest so please don’t worry. Take good care of yourself and i really love you mom. MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

Along with these words, he uploaded a cute photo of himself with his mom, in which he can be seen puckering his lips for a peck on his mom’s cheek. Jackson shared this post following the SBSRoommate” episode during which he was surprised with a visit from his parents for a heartwarming reunion.