Hello Venus Drops Teaser Image ahead of January Comeback

Girl group Hello Venus is set to make a comeback in January next year, and has released a teaser image for their latest release.

The photo shows the girls wearing festive-looking red-and-white outfits, and is emblazoned with a logo that reads, “Wiggle Wiggle,” the name of the group’s next release. Earlier this year, a series of dance practice videos were uploaded to the official Hello Venus YouTube page, featuring the girls dancing to the Jason Derulo song “Wiggle,” December 14 also saw the release of a training video, which features the girls singing the track “Bo$$,” a hit for American RnB group Fifth Harmony in July this year.

Hello Venus has just completed promotional activities for the group’s November single album “Sticky Sticky,” which was the girls’ first release since May 2013, and their first release since signing with talent agency Fantagio, as well as a recent member reshuffle.

A spokesperson for the agency explained, “The new song will be a sort of extension of ‘Sticky Sticky.’ We have been planning it since before the November comeback.”