Park Hyung Sik, Seo Kang Joon, and More Up for KBS’ Rookie Award: Who Will Win?

For the upcoming KBS Drama Awards, many are interested in who will receive the rookie award, as it is an especially meaningful award that can only be received once in an actor’s career.

Actors are especially hungry for KBS’s rookie award because the past receivers, such as Kim Soo Hyun, Joo Won, and Lee Jong Suk, are considered today as top stars; the rookie award has in the past proved to be, in a sense, a gateway to success for new actors.

This year’s nominees, according to Star News, are Park Bo Gum (“Tomorrow Cantabile,” “Wonderful Days”), Park Hyung Sik (“What’s With This Family”), Seo Kang Joon (“What’s With This Family”), Seo In Guk (“The King’s Face”), Son Ho Joon (“The Full Sun”, “Trot Lovers”), and Yoon Hyun Min (“Discovery of Love”).

KBS has chosen the nominees through surveying producers, writers, and reporters, as well as through inquiry with the Program Research Assembly.

If the viewer ratings are any indication, the best guess for the rookie award would be Park Hyung Sik and Seo Kang Joon, as “What’s With This Family” has the highest viewer ratings out of the nominated actors’ dramas.

However, if judged by the depth of the drama, Seo In Guk may be the likely candidate, as “The King’s Face,” which requires more in-depth acting, was praised for casting Seo In Guk.

The other nominees cannot be ruled out either, since they also have performed flawlessly and are all considered to be deserving of the title. The fact that the nominees are all legitimate possibilities makes it harder for viewers to guess who will be the lucky recipient.

Who do you think it will be?

What's With This Family

Meanwhile, the KBS Drama Awards are to air December 31 at 8:30 p.m.

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