MBC’s “Infinity Challenge” Plans Release of International Version

The MBC variety show “Infinity Challenge” is preparing for an even bigger challenge as it plans to step on the world stage with an international version of the show.

According to an internal circular released by MBC, “Infinity Challenge” PD Kim Tae Ho made an official announcement regarding the plans for an international version of the program at the Asia Television Forum (ATF) held in Singapore last December 12.

In front of various broadcasting representatives from all over the world, PD Kim Tae Ho talked about “Infinity Challenge” and how it has become one of the most popular variety programs in Korea for ten years at the ATF.

Through the circular, MBC revealed that PD Kim Tae Ho’s presentation at the ATF wasn’t simply to introduce the show. “It wasn’t a position wherein we only introduced the key to Infinite Challenge’s success to overseas broadcast companies. At the ATF, PD Kim Tae Ho revealed the plans to produce the global format and international version of ‘Infinity Challenge’ as the show’s new challenge,” explained MBC.

According to a representative, PD Kim Tae Ho and “Infinity Challenge” received great interest from different broadcasting networks from countries such as China and Russia. PD Kim Tae Ho received questions regarding the purchase of format and broadcast strategy, particularly.

However, aside from the plans to produce the international format, no other information regarding the production was revealed.

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