Infinite F Members Discuss the Major Stressors of Their Music Careers

Infinite sub-unit Infinite F’s Sungyeol, Sungjong, and L recently sat down with DJ Sunny of MBC FMFU, talking at length about the stress they’ve been experiencing as a result of their careers.

When Sunny told L that “his appearance was not suggestive of any serious stress,” L responded that “I’ve had a lot of stress in the past, and a lot now as well. You know, no matter what you do you hear negative comments from people. It’s quite stressful, really.” Hearing this, Sunny then asked, “So do you pay attention to these reactions and malicious comments?” L responded, “I look at all of them. If there are a thousand comments, I will read all of them and then just think about it all day long.”

Sungjong, Infinite F’s youngest member, said that “not having personal time” was a stressor for him. “As a teenager, I really enjoyed myself and really gave it my all. But when I transitioned into my 20’s, my worries began to multiply. There’s no free time, I only follow the group schedule. I’ve also really begun to wonder what it is that I’m truly good at. I know that fame doesn’t last forever and you can never predict what’s going to happen in the future. It makes me anxious.”

Listening to this, Sungyeol then said, “It’s the same for me.  When I was 22 years old, I had no free time for about nine months. I got really depressed as a result and even started to lose my hair.”  At this, Sunny asked if it was all right for an idol to disclose his hair loss issues, to which Sungyeol responded, “It’s okay. It’s all filled back in,” drawing laughter from everyone.