“Real Men” PD: “Many Female Idols Vying to Be Next Hyeri on Second Female Soldier Special”

The producer of military variety program “Real Men” spoke out about the second female soldier special coming up soon.

PD Choi Min Keun told the media that “the second female soldier special will go into productions in mid-January of 2015.”

PD Choi said, “We are currently meeting with representatives to match the training camp schedule with the possible candidates’ schedules. We are planning on starting the training in mid-January,” adding, “we won’t be sticking to the member structure from the first special. We will be solely focusing on characters and the chemistry between the members.”

He further said on casting, “We are meeting with numerous female celebrities to determine the cast. We will reveal the members once they are finalized.”

He also added that female idols have shown great enthusiasm in participating. “Female idols are showing a lot of dedication, after the success of the first special. They seem determined to become bigger than Hyeri, who shot up to fame with her aegyo on ‘Real Men.'”