Jellyfish Entertainment’s 2012 Christmas Single Featuring VIXX, Sung Si Kyung, Seo In Gook, and Park Hyo Shin Tops Chart

Jellyfish Entertainment‘s Christmas single “Because It’s Christmas” from 2012 is topping the charts once again.

The song, which features Jellyfish artists Sung Si Kyung, VIXX, Seo In Gookand Park Hyo Shin, was released as part of the special label Christmas album in 2012. On the evening of Christmas, it topped the Melon digital chart, coming in at number one, while charting high on numerous other music charts.

At the time of the release in 2012, the album “Because It’s Christmas” was the only Christmas carol album to line the digital charts.

IU‘s Christmas song “Merry Christmas in Advance” from her “Real” album released over four years ago in 2010 is also charting high in time for Christmas, as it is currently the number two song on Melon digital charts.

Watch the music video for the classic Christmas carol by the Jellyfish Entertainment artists below!