WINNER and GOT7 Are Neck and Neck for New Artist Award at 29th Golden Disk Awards

Competition is close for the ‘New Artist’ category at the 29th Annual Golden Disk Awards, as WINNER and GOT7 are currently neck and neck in the running for the title.

According to the popularity voting polls at the present time, there is a very slight difference in the number of votes between WINNER and GOT7. The numbers show a difference of 0.02% and less than 200 votes. WINNER has accumulated 197,941 (48.76%) votes while GOT7 has accumulated 826 (48.74%). However, these numbers continue to change constantly, as the gap narrows and widens by the minute.

In terms of the daily ranking for December 25, GOT7 is in the lead with 51.36% of the votes, while WINNER has 47.09%. With how close these numbers are, it is still too early to tell who will come out as the victor in the end.

Meanwhile, voting for the 29th Golden Disk Awards opened up on December 10 and will stay open until January 11. The awards ceremony will be held over a period of two days, from January 14-15 in Beijing, China.