Web Drama “Dream Knight” Starring GOT7 and Song Ha Yoon Drops First Poster

On December 26, “Dream Knight” dropped an official poster featuring girl lead Song Ha Yoon and the members of GOT7.

“Dream Knight,” JYP Entertainment’s collaborative project with Chinese Internet TV company YoukuTudou, is a web drama that incorporates both music and dance. It follows the story of a girl with scars from her past who suddenly meets a group of mysterious boys. The drama attracted a lot of attention with the early casting of popular JYP boy group GOT7.

In the poster, Song Ha Yoon is wearing her hair down and donning a red evening gown. To her right, Mark, Young Jae, Jackson, and JB stand like guardian angels by her side, wearing white from head to toe. To her left, BamBam, Jr, and Yugyeom stand gallantly in black. The tagline reads, “I love you. No matter who you are… where you are from…”

“Dream Knight” will premiere on January 27 on Internet sites Youku, Todou, and Naver TV.