Kyuhyun Reveals What His Stage Name Could Have Been on “Happy Together”

Kyuhyun revealed that things were difficult for him when he first joined Super Junior.

On the December 25 episode of KBS’ “Happy Together,” Kyuhyun talked about how he joined the group late. He then said, “That was before we were popular. We were just starting out so we were wary of one another. We were a bit tense with each other.”

He then added, “Ryeowook had joined the team late as well, so I confided in Ryeowook about how hard it was for me. He told me, ‘time will solve everything.’ And really, as time passed, the members started opening up to me one by one.”

Kyuhyun also revealed that his stage name could have been Kweehyun, but Lee Soo Man deemed it to be too difficult and Kyuhyun was allowed to keep his real name.

Meanwhile, Kyuhyun was joined also by Kim So Eun, Shoo, So Yoo Jin, and Kara‘s Youngji as guests on this episode.