M.I.B Kangnam Returns as Singer with New Digital Single “What Do I Do”

M.I.B Kangnam is returning as a singer with his digital single “What Do I Do.” This song was revealed at noon on December 26.

In the beginning of 2014, Kangnam became a newfound star through variety shows like JTBC‘s “I’m Going to School” and MBC‘s “I Live Alone.” With his unique character, he has shown off his wittiness through many variety talk shows. By January of 2015, he is to be active in five different TV shows. Despite the love he has been getting this year through variety shows, he is ending the year by being faithful to his original job and releasing this digital single.

Even though he had been extremely busy with his variety program schedule, Kangnam expressed his passion for singing by thoroughly preparing for this digital single. There is obvious pressure from the fact that this is his first time singing a solo song. To be recognized as a singer, it is said that he had recorded and edited the song many times, trying to perfect the track. Listen to it below.