“Law of the Jungle” Lee Tae Im Looks Like She Jumped Out of a Magazine

Lee Tae Im has a hot body that many are envious of. The lovely actress recently joined the Costa Rica edition of “Law of the Jungle,” and she has been proving time and time again that even the harsh jungle conditions can’t dampen her beauty.

On the December 26 broadcast of “Law of the Jungle,” the cast struggled in Damas Island, Costa Rica, where Lee Tae Im wore a form-fitting bodysuit that naturally revealed her attractive body. Even doing something as simple as tilting her head back to drink coconut water, the actress looked like she jumped right out of a fashion magazine.


Her simple actions have attracted the attention of many viewers, who found her stunning even when she was preparing dinner in the jungle. Lee Tae Im, 2AM’s Changmin, and Kim Byung Man went hunting, but were only able to come back with cacao beans. Kim Byung Man and Lee Tae Im then went fishing, which was when Lee Tae Im caught the eyes of viewers once again with her striking figure.


But Lee Tae Im isn’t just a pretty face and figure. In addition to female viewers envy of Lee Tae Im’s body, the actress’s jungle family members and viewers alike have been quite impressed with her fortitude; despite difficult situations, the gorgeous actress maintained a positive outlook and was proactive throughout the journey.