Winners of The 2014 KBS Entertainment Awards

That time of year is finally upon us! It’s time to look back at the year and award the top achievers of the variety show world! The festivities begin today with the highly anticipated 2014 KBS Entertainment Awards hosted by Yoo Hee Yeol, Shin Dong Yup and Sung Si Kyung! Join us as we live blog the night’s event and see who walks with the prestigious KBS Entertainment Grand Award of 2014.

Award Winners
Yoo Jae Suk
Grand Award – Yoo Jae Suk

Superman Returns
Viewers Choice Best Program – Superman Returns

Chu Seung Hoon
High Excellence – Variety Show Male – Chu Sung Hoon

Kim Ji Min
High Excellence – Variety Show Female – Kim Ji Min

Kim Dae Hee
High Excellence – Comedy Male – Kim Dae Hee

Kim Yong Hee
High Excellence – Comedy Female – Kim Yong Hee

Excellence – Variety Show Male – Defconn

Kim Shin Young
Excellence – Variety Show Female – Kim Shin Young

Jo Yoon Ho
Excellence – Comedy Male – Jo Yoon Ho

Huh Anna
Excellence – Comedy Female – Huh Anna

Special Award – Band Leader Song Tae Ho

Park Yong Hyun
Achievement Award – Technical Director Park Young Hyun

Jo Woo Jong
Best Entertainer Award – Shows – Jo Woo Jong

Jung Hyung Don
Jung Joon Young
Best Entertainer Award – Variety Shows – Jung Hyung Don & Jung Jun Young

Part 2 opening performance featuring HyunA

Part 1 Ending Performance By Immortal Song 2 Team

Immortal Song 2
Best Teamwork Award – Immortal Song 2

Lee Hwi Jae
Song Ill Gook
Producer’s Special Award – Lee Hwi Jae & Song Ill Kook

Gag Concert
High Excellence Idea Award – Last Love Team from Gag Concert

Yoo Inna
Radio DJ Award – Yoo Inna

Superman Returns
Popularity Award – Superman Returns Kids (Triplets, Twins, Haru and Sarang)

Kim Jung Sun
Scriptwriters Award – Immortal Song 2’s Kim Ji Eun and Superman Return’s Kim Jung Sun

Kim Joo Hyuk
Rookie Award – Variety Show Male – Kim Joo Hyuk

Rookie Award – Variety Show Female – Cha Yoo Ram

Song Pil Geun
Rookie Award – Comedy Male – Song Pil Geun

Rookie Award – Comedy Female – Lee Suzy

Opening Performance featuring Jung Eun Ji

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