Kangnam Gifts Kim Kwang Gyu with an Embarrassing Gift on “I Live Alone”

M.I.B’s Kangnam gave fellow “I Live Alone” member Kim Kwang Gyu a gift which caused laughter and embarrassment.

The December 26 broadcast of “I Live Alone” was a year-end special where all the members got together. In front of all the members, Kangnam gave Kim Kwang Gyu an adult magazine he purchased while in Japan.

Kangnam told Kim Kwang Gyu, “I was in Japan and I thought of you.” Kim Kwang Gyu shyly accepted, saying, “How come [you got a gift] only for me?” Once he saw what the gift was, he became embarrassed.

Cast member Kim Yong Gun, who was seated next to Kim Kwang Gyu and saw what the gift was, joked that he would borrow the magazine and return it the next day, causing the other members to laugh. The other members then teased Kim Yong Gun as his face was turning red after seeing the magazine.

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