Park Ye Jin Reveals Her Kiss Scene with Lee Joon Was Edited Out of “Mister Baek”

Actress Park Ye Jin has revealed that she was disappointed to see her kiss scene with Lee Joon not make it to the final broadcast of MBC’ “Mister Baek.”

On the December 28 broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment Relay,” the actress shared her thoughts on recently wrapping up the drama.

When asked if she is actually close to her co-star Lee Joon, Park Ye Jin laughed, “We are trying to [get closer], but Joon is not opening his heart to me.”

The actress also shared a rather unfortunate story about filming the drama. She said, “My kiss scene with Lee Joon was edited out [of the drama]. The kiss scene was aired during the ending credits for two seconds, abruptly and without lines.”

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