Haru Comforts Her Dad Tablo on “Superman Returns”

Tablo’s adorable daughter Haru hugged her dad to comfort him on “Superman Returns.”

The two were visiting Tablo’s father’s grave, and as Tablo showed signs of sadness, his only daughter took it upon herself to comfort her dad. Her affection extended to her grandfather as well.

She set a hot pack on his grave, concerned that her deceased grandfather would be cold in the winter weather. She didn’t stop there however. She also covered her grandfather’s grave with a warm blanket and even hugged the patch of grass.

Tablo hadn’t visited his father’s grave in over a year, and he spent some time catching up with him. However, as he spoke his mind, the expression on his eyes began to water, to which Haru stepped in and hugged her dad very affectionately.

“I can see you in Haru’s smile. I promise to keep her smiling for you,” vowed Tablo to his father.

tablo and haru