“Modern Farmer” Final Call

After a great run, “Modern Farmer” has finally come to an end. Our four stooges have had their ups and downs, screwing things up almost every step of the way, but they never really gave up. Each of the main characters had some sort of growth, some more than others, but growth nonetheless.

1. Han Sang Eun finally succeeds in promoting the group.


Still trying to play the part of their manager, Han Sang Eun takes the video that captured the group and the whole hidden money fiasco and anonymously gives it to the media. However, she gives it under the condition that they play the song in the video. The news does as she wishes, and the group and village start trending online almost immediately. Interestingly enough, the first thing the group thinks is how well they’ll sell their salted cabbage now…

2. The group is given the opportunity to promote themselves as a group through an interview, but…


A news station requests an interview with the group, which is accepted, but what do the four do? They try to promote their salted cabbages instead of their music. Even when the interviewer spoon-feeds them a question about their music, they quickly make it about the cabbages again. It really shows how much they’ve changed, hasn’t it?

3. Lee Soo Yun tries to help Yoo Han Chul complete his bucket list.


Now that she is aware of her boyfriend’s terminal cancer, Lee Soo Yun tries her best to make him happy. She initiates a date, and eventually she discovers Yoo Han Chul’s bucket list. However, as she tries to complete the list, he begs her to stop. Yoo Han Chul tells her that it’s better for her to forget him, upset that even though he wanted her to like him, now it will only hurt her when he’s gone. Lee Soo Yun begs for him to get treatment, and he eventually agrees.

But lo and behold, turns out Yoo Han Chul’s cancer is getting better for some miraculous reason. The answer lies in the cabbages he was randomly eating throughout the drama. The doctor references naturopathic treatment and organic produce helping heal patients.

4. Lee Hyun Suk returns, but wants to start over.


It seems that Lee Hyun Suk has left his fiancée because he returns to the village and tells Kang Yoon Hee that he is willing to start over and be a father if she gives him the chance. He even gets down to Kang Min Ho’s level and apologizes directly to him. Kang Yoon Hee, of course, is hesitant.

Later, Lee Hyun Suk asks Kang Yoon Hee the same thing he asked all those years ago: leave with him.

5. Kang Yoon Hee chooses Lee Min Ki.


With Lee Hyun Suk’s proposition still looming over her, Kang Yoon Hee sees reminders of Lee Min Ki and even goes to the group’s concert in Seoul. Lee Min Ki notices her leaving the venue, and follows her to the bus. Standing outside, he writes on the window, “Yoon Hee loves Min Ki,” and in that moment it’s clear who she is going to choose.

6. One year later…


So here’s the lowdown on the fast-forward to a year later.

  • Kang Yoon Hee and Lee Min Ki are married and still bickering as usual.
  • The group’s album was a complete flop.
  • Yoo Han Chul is alive and well, and he and Lee Soo Yun opened their own clothes store.
  • Kim Soon Boon is married to Han In Ki… and pregnant. Hwang Man Goo is upset that his new brother is going to be younger than his own son.
  • Han Ki Joon is now an illegal immigrant in China with Bul Ja, though he’s the “Bul Ja” now, and she’s also pregnant!
  • Kang Hyuk is back to being an interning doctor, taking care of Park Deuk Chool, who has eaten too many chocolate bars.
  • Park Sang Deuk somehow won over Choi Eun Woo and his mother because he married Yoo Mi Young, and the whole family seems good.

Finally, Lee Min Ki sees a news report about how tuna are now fetching ten-thousand dollars each. The group wants to make another album, so guess what they’re going to do now.

That’s right. Catch tuna.

My final thoughts:

The last eleven weeks have been great, and I’m honestly sad it’s over. The overall plotline was fairly unique, and the ridiculousness of many of the situations made it even better. The show was meant to be ridiculous and turbulent, and I really loved how they went about it. I understand that that’s not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea, but to each his own, right?

Some of you may have remembered this from my first impressions article, but one of the things I always look for is character growth. Overall, I was pleased. The big ones for me were Lee Min Ki, Kang Hyuk, and Kang Yoon Hee. Though Lee Min Ki maintained a bit of his brashness, he still matured and learned what it meant to think of others over himself. Kang Hyuk’s growth was more in letting his true feelings show rather than hiding everything to please others. Even though this led to a lot of conflict, he still helped others grow, too. With Kang Yoon Hee, she managed to get over the past and relied more on others. That may not necessarily seem like much, but it’s the subtle things that make a difference.

The only negative things I have to say are about some of the loose ends. First of all, what ever happened to the loan shark? The entire premise of the show is Lee Min Ki needing to make 100 thousand dollars to pay back the loan shark. He simply disappeared from the plot after the Han In Ki arch. I guess it can be implied that he decided to stop because of the relationship to Han In Ki, but still… Things also didn’t get fully patched up with Yoo Na. Even though it was clear that the group, namely Lee Min Ki, wanted to cut all ties with her, I feel like there isn’t enough resolution.

Now that it’s over, what are YOUR final thoughts? Tell us below!

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