“Bad Guys” Kim Sang Joong Surprises Viewers as He Becomes an Idol Hopeful on Gag Concert

Actor Kim Sang Joong, whom many are used to seeing in serious roles, has surprised the viewers of the KBS 2TV comedy show “Gag Concert” when he appeared as its guest on December 28.

Wearing a high school uniform, Kim Sang Joong went up the stage as a student in his teens, born in 1996, who aspires to be an idol.

Although Kim Sang Joong’s character was introduced by comedian Kim Dae Hee as an aspiring idol in his teens, the comedienne Kim Ji Min teased the veteran actor and said, “Don’t you have children already?,” implying that he looks too old to be a teenager.

The actor tickled the viewers’ funny bones as he introduced himself in a cute way, and even did the “bbuing bbuing” gesture that idols do as aegyo and yet, Kim Ji Min wasn’t quite convinced.

Throughout the segment, Kim Sang Joong made the viewers laugh as he continued to play the “teenager” who doesn’t seem to be his age.

Check out the clip below!