Fly to the Sky’s Brian Sings “Good Bye Dear” for Film “Snow in Sea Breeze” OST

Fly to the Sky‘s Brian has released the music video for his OST single “Good Bye Dear” for the upcoming film “Snow in Sea Breeze.”

The music video tells the story of the movie’s two main characters, portrayed by Park Hae Jin and Lee Young Ah. “Snow in Sea Breeze” is Park Hae Jin’s big-screen debut.

This will also be the first movie soundtrack to feature Brian’s voice. “Good Bye Dear” is an emotional ballad track that suits the film’s mellow atmosphere.

“Snow in Sea Breeze,” directed by Kim Jeong Kwon, who is known for his mellow romance movies like “Heartbreak Library” and “Babo,” will open in theaters on January 8.

Watch the music video for Brian’s “Good Bye Dear” below. Watch the trailer for the film here.