Girls’ Generation Stylist Responds to Accusations of Allegedly Copying Dolce & Gabbana Outfit

Girls’ Generation’s stylist has offered a statement in response to a question from a netizen about the girl group’s KBS Song Festival outfits, which, the netizen pointed out, look very much like an outfit by Dolce & Gabbana.

On December 26, Girls’ Generation performed their song “Mr Mr” at the 2014 KBS Song Festival, for which they wore white button-downs with red high-waisted shorts.

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Immediately after the broadcast, one netizen asked Girls’ Generation’s stylist through SNS, “Was Girls’ Generation’s outfit at KBS Song Festival a Dolce & Gabbana copy or was it an homage?”

The stylist responded, “It was an homage. I haven’t even seen the outfit, how would I copy it? I liked the look and I thought they [Girls’ Generation] would look pretty wearing it, so we went with the concept, complete with the hair and red lips. I guess we can take it as a compliment that you think outfits that our team put together all night stitch by stitch look like they have the quality of a luxury brand? Until Dolce & Gabbana sponsors outfits for pop stars.”

However, the response seems to have fueled even more questions, netizens asking how the stylist decided on an homage when she has never seen the outfit before, etc.

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