Mamamoo Releases Video Imitating Other Groups’ Dance Moves

Group Mamamoo has released a video of themselves covering other girl group’s dances via their official youtube page. The video, titled, “A fantastic transformation beyond Mamamoo’s wildest dreams,” features the group performing the dances of A.O.A’s “Like a Cat,” Lovelyz’ “Candy Jelly Love,” and A Pink’s “LUV.” At the end of the video, the group gathers around the camera and yells, “surprise!”

A caption released along with the video states, “It has always been that a woman’s transformation is not considered a big deal. But…will Mamamoo’s transformation also be thought of in the same way??…We have undergone a drastic transformation for our fans!! What kind of shocking things will we do??” At the end of the caption, the group also made sure the groups it copied in the video knew the imitation was all in good fun, saying “We love you friends!!”