SHINee’s Jonghyun Jumps on the Instagram Bandwagon!

Great news for Shawols all around the world, Jonghyun of SHINee has finally made his way to the world of Instagram!

Fans now have another social media platform to stay up to date on Jonghyun’s most recent updates and whereabouts.

On December 29, Jonghyun announced through this Twitter, “I started Instagram…I’m jumping on the bandwagon of our generation…Birdie (Twitter)..Adios…” before posting another tweet, “That’s a joke. I’m going to do both.”

The SHINee member has already gone on a photo-posting spree, with five posts in the past seven hours. As of now, he has uploaded a photo of a black hat, a mic, and a selca of him wearing the black hat. He also posted a picture of a long line of candles, none of which are burning, with the caption, “If you sleep with candles on, you suffocate.” It also seems that he is having trouble falling asleep, as he showed a video of a ceiling—very early in the morning—and wrote, “My ceiling makes me nauseous.”

Jonghyun’s follower count has already surpassed 90,000 people, and the number continues to increase by the minute. Don’t miss out on his future updates and join the rest of his followers here!