Hong Jin Young Has Jealous Reaction to Presenters Nam Goong Min and So Yi Hyun at the “2014 MBC Entertainment Awards”

Hong Jin Young drew laughs with her jealous stares at award presenters Nam Goong Min and So Yi Hyun during the “2o14 MBC Entertainment Awards” show on Monday night. The show was hosted by Kim Sung Joo, Kim Sung Ryung and ZE:A’s Park Hyung Sik.

The above photo was taken when Nam Goong Min, who appears on the show “We Got Married” along with Jin Young, and So Yi Hyun, MC of “Section TV,” took the stage to present the award of excellence in the Music/Talk Show category. Upon taking the stage, Yi Hyun asked, “Is it okay for me to be up here with your imaginary wife (Jin Young) sitting over there?” To which Goong Min replied, “Don’t worry, Jin Young is a very understanding person.” At this, the camera panned to Jin Young, whose wide eyes and jealous expression drew laughs from the two presenters.

The MBC Entertainment Awards show took place Monday night in Seoul. For the first time, this year’s grand prize was decided by audience text message voting. The winner of that prize was Yoo Jae Suk of “Infinity Challenge,” who received over 440,000 of the nearly 680,000 votes.