Jang Nara Confesses That She Has Never Had Feelings Towards Male Co-stars

Actress Jang Na Ra revealed that she has never felt anything romantic with another actor while filming.

Jang Na Ra was nominated for the Best Couple Award on the “2014 MBC Drama Awards” that took place on December 30 along with Shin Ha Kyun and Jang Hyuk.

Shin Dong Yup, the host of the ceremony, asked Jang Na Ra whether she sometimes feels anything romantic with the actors that she films with, and she replied, “As of yet, there are none to speak of.”

Shin Dong Yup then said, “Then you have become a couple with Shin Ha Kyun and Jang Hyuk. Who would you rather receive the award with if you could choose?” When Jang Na Ra hesitated, saying she couldn’t dare choose, Shin Dong Yup urged her, “You have to say one person right now. This is live and we don’t have time,” and Jang Na Ra replied, “I’m sorry.”

Shin Dong Yup then said, “Isn’t it better to get the award with Shin Ha Kyun, since Jang Hyuk has a family?” and when Jang Na Ra still couldn’t reply, Shin Dong Yup defused the situation by joking, “Does that mean you can’t give up on him even though he has a family?”

In the end, Jang Na Ra received the Best Couple Award with Jang Hyuk with their work on “Fated to Love You.”