Im Siwan Wants to Look Forward Instead of Feeling Pressured by Success of “Misaeng”

ZE:A‘s Im Siwan, who earned praise for his realistic performance on tvN’s hit drama “Misaeng,” says he does not feel pressured by the success of the drama, but rather the opposite.

On December 26, the star sat down with news outlet MBN for an interview, during which he talked about the public’s expectations for his next project. He said, “I am often asked if I feel pressured about choosing my follow-up project.”

“When the movie ‘The Attorney‘ turned out well, I sometimes thought that [my character] Jin Woo became an obstacle to me. However, one good thing about meeting seniors is that you get to break free of such illusions,” the idol said, revealing that support from his sunbaes helped him lessen the pressure of future acting projects.

“After ‘The Attorney,’ I have not felt pressured about my other work. ‘The Attorney’ and ‘Misaeng’ are not walls to be climbed over, but instead, they are experiences that I have to leave behind. I don’t have to be influenced by them for my next project. For my next project, it will be enough if I go with my guts, and if it doesn’t work out, I will just have to accept that,” Im Siwan shared his mature thoughts on the dilemma of every successful actor.

When asked to comment on him usually depicting the pitiful and emotional characters, Im Siwan said, “It’s not like I haven’t acted cheerful roles, but I do think pity has become my trademark,” but added, “I am trying to break out of that box as I get older and gain experience.”

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