San E, Hyorin, and Jooheon Release New Sexy Single “Coach Me”

Sexier and more sensual than ever, San E, Hyorin, and Jooheon released their new single “Coach Me” on January 2 at noon. Hyorin’s husky voice perfectly mixed in with San E and Jooheon’s seductive rap.

“Coach Me” was released through the partnership of Starship Entertainment and Mnet’s survival program “NO.MERCY.” Jooheon, a trainee picked as best rapper in the audition show, proved his skills while working with Hyorin and San E. While the overall flow of the song may seem simple, the decadent and sensual tone invites listeners to indulge in this sexy tune.

“Coach Me” is a song in which its sexiness stands out the most. Hyorin’s husky voice was even more alluring while singing about passionate love, leading the song in-between San E and Jooheon’s rap. Once again, she proved she was queen of singing in a sultry voice, after previously catching viewers’ eyes with her sexy performance with Jooyoung through their duet “Erase.”

San E’s smooth flow and Jooheon’s free-spirited rap also left a strong impression. Jooheon’s sensual rap added on to San E’s unique tone made the song even more seductive. With the straightforward lyrics and sexy vocals of Hyorin, San E,and Jooheon, “Coach Me” is a kick off to a steamy New Year.