Lee Joon Offered a Role in Upcoming Drama

Lee Joon is in talk concerning his casting in upcoming SBS Monday-Tuesday drama “I Heard a Rumor” (working title).

SBS officials have commented, “We are currently discussing Lee Joon appearing in the new drama. Nothing has been confirmed yet.”

“I Heard a Rumor” will be centered on a wealthy family’s teenage son who causes an unplanned pregnancy which results in the family gaining a plain daughter-in-law and other troubles. Lee Joon has received an offer for the role of the main character which will be the teenage son.

Having recently acted in the MBC drama “Mister Baek,” Lee Joon would certainly be solidifying his status as an actor if he were to accept this offer.

Meanwhile, actress  Yoo Ho Jung has been confirmed as the mother in “I Heard a Rumor” which will air in February after “Punch” ends.